Maintaining Smart Classrooms

-Video Conferencing

-Recording Lectures

-Offering Interactive Trainings

Assisting with Your Mobile Connectivity

Polycom RealPresence is the program you'll be working with. We will get you connected and involved in your course. We ensure connectivity from your Desktop Computer, PC, Apple, or any type of Smartphone.

Working with Your Creativity


-Green Room

-Recording Studio

Knowledge Base

We offer and support cutting edge technologies for the communication, dissemination, and development of quality educationally based resources.
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Desktop / Laptop

Is designed for PC, Apple, and Surface users. There are no limitations. WNMU Zoom allows you to engage, from anywhere around the world.




You are able to connect and participate with your class, instructors / students, and colleagues from your smartphone or tablet device.



Smart Classrooms

Our classrooms are designed with state-of-the-art innovative ideas. Presentations and pedagogical methodologies can flourish. All participants connecting from afar will have a stellar expreience.


Educate from your hotel room!

  • -Ensure your camera, microphone, and speakers are connected to your device. Many devices have them built in. If not, make sure they are hooked up properly.


Participate from the slopes of Colorado.

  • -Ensure your camera, microphone, and speakers are functioning properly. When holding your device, ensure your hands aren't covering these necessary components.

Thrive upon dynamic lectures.

  • -You don't have to worry about anything. We facilitate connections for you. If you have questions or want to experiment with our Smart-Classroom technologies, just ask.

    -Watch video tutorials

    -Participate in a workshop.



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Watch Lectures


Students and professors experience great success using our Lecture Capture technologies. If a professor uses one of our smart classrooms, chances are their lecture (and powerpoint slides) have been recorded. Instructors, who use this technology have online catalogs accessible to anyone. Ask your instructor for a link to their catalog.


Eventually, professors will be able to record lectures without the need of a smart classroom. When this technology becomes available, the ITVC department encourages students to pressure professors to use it. Occasionally we stream live WNMU events. We hope to get out into the community and offer folk the ability to watch [live - real time] community events. Click here for WNMU live events.

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Record Lectures

Watch a tutorial

Participate in a workshop

Lectures can be edited. Additionally, you don't have to have a formal class in front of you. Instructors have used this technology to enable students to receive content when they are away at conferences. Instructors give their lecture to an empty class; it involves a bit of an attitude adjustment (and some acting). Students won't know the difference.





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